$6 Million Road Trip Truck of Your Dreams

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And God said, “…let there be a truck like no other…” Ok no, that’s not what God said. But that hasn’t stopped the makers at Dunkel Industries and Ford from bringing forth a truck that will make you weep tears of joy! And at a mere $6 million price tag, it’s a drop in the bucket of your dreams.

The Ford 750 World Cruiser is an amazing 4 tons of truck dreams come true! A full kitchen, living room, bathroom, and sleeping space for six is all you’ll need (and then some!) with a Cummins diesel to match. Take a look at this homage to modern day road trips here:

This monstrous rig is the creation of Peter Dunkel, owner of Dunkel Industries. The company’s niche is heavy moving machinery. They’ve partnered with Ford to develop this massive luxury ride with its plush interior, which CNN Money modeled in the video. Great for taking Gramma to see her sister in San Antonio, you’re sure to turn heads while you’re trying to turn this bad-boy around in the parking lot!