7 Stellar Foods That the Lone Star State Does Best

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We all know that everything’s bigger in Texas. But when it comes to eating, everything is better here too. Blame it on our rich cultural history, or just our Southern country flair – whatever the reason, Texans know good food! While some states are famous for a particular food, like Idaho potatoes or Georgia peaches, Texas has managed to corner the market on so many delicious eats, that it’s hard not to brag! Here are 7 foods that nobody does better than Texas:

1. Pecan Pie

pecan pie


The pecan tree is the official state tree of Texas, and it’s no wonder, as pecan trees make up a large part of Texas’s diverse landscape. Families have been making pecan pie for generations, and it has become a sweet and delicious Texas staple.

2. Brisket


Photo: Pinterest/TheFoodieAffair

Slow-roasted smoked brisket puts Texas in the running for best barbecue in the country. There is no better way to satisfy a hearty appetite than with a plate of Texas brisket. While the debate is sometimes heated over who serves the best brisket in the state, Texans are lucky enough to have plenty of options!

3. Chili



Chili con carne has been the state dish of Texas since 1977. Whether or not to add beans has been debated ever since. However you like it, Texas chili is a favorite comfort food and the subject of many cook-offs throughout the Lonestar State!

4. Kolaches


Photo: Pinterest/Just A Pinch Recipes

This Czech pastry is a popular breakfast item across Texas and comes in many forms. From the traditional light pastry with a dollop of cheese or fruit to the grab-and-go sausage and jalapeno soft buns now sold across Texas, out-of-staters may look twice when you offer up a kolache, but we Texans know just how delicious they are.

5. Burgers


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