8 Reasons Texas is the Greatest State in the Country

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Texans are proud of who they are and where they came from. And why not? There’s no better place to be! Here are only a handful of the reasons why Texas is the greatest state in the country.

1. Texans are devoted to God, their state, and their country.

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And in that order! You will not meet a Texan who isn’t willing to pray for you and church is not just a recommendation. God is very much instilled in family life. Texans will tell you first hand that Texas is the best state to live in and if you don’t like it then they will happily show you the door. Finally, Texans will fight tooth and nail to defend our constitutional rights and against those who wish harm on the State of Texas or the United States.

2. Nothing beats Texas hospitality.

Texans were raised with manners. Respect your mama, open the door for a lady, and offer up a good, cold beverage to a guest. “Howdy” and “Ya’ll come back, now!” are common greetings and salutations. If someone gets their truck stuck in a ditch, Texans stop to help. Expect to be called “Sir”, “Ma’am”, “honey”, or “sweetie”. Common courtesy is ingrained to the core.

3. Don’t mess with Texas, or their women, trucks, dogs, livestock, guns, etc.

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Texans are grateful for all that they have, and they aren’t too happy if you mess with any of it. In fact, an “Aww, hell no!” means you best start running. Texans love their great state, their women are cherished, their trucks are their pride and joy, their dogs are their best friends, livestock is their livelihood, and their guns are a means of providing food and for protecting all of the above. Texans will not go down without a fight, so its best just to stay on their good side.

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