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Man Catches a 72-Pound Catfish on Lake LBJ

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Fisherman Tim Webb caught a record-breaking fish right before Christmas on Lake LBJ. Previously, the heaviest weight record for a fish found in the lake was 40 pounds, but this large swimming specimen blows that number out of the water.

Right before the sun set, Webb caught the abnormally large fish, but he wasn’t able to measure it before losing the light. Webb decided to tie up the fish in the water and retrieve it the next day. The plan worked despite the mighty size of the fish.

“If somebody would have videoed me bringing the fish on the bank, dancing, hollering and trying to catch my breath, I probably would have been sent to the state hospital for an evaluation,” Webb told The Daily Trib.

Webb knew he had a noteworthy catch so he took the fish to Inks Lake State Park for a proper weigh-in. On the scales, the fish topped out at an amazing 71.4 pounds. KXAN adds that it measures “51.75 inches long and had a 33-inch girth.” Can you image a catfish over 4 feet long? It’s taller than most children!

The catfish was released after measurements were noted so future visitors to the lake could potentially spot this natural wonder.