8 Ways to Beat the Heat in the Hill Country

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4. Heat exhaustion is no monkey business… don’t forget those bananas.



While visiting the Texas Hill Country zoos (San Antonio Zoo, Austin Zoo, Exotic Zoo in Johnson City, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch) or any other outdoor attraction, do as the monkeys do, eat bananas or potassium-rich foods. Eating potassium-rich foods can help prevent heat stroke, so why not take those healthy foods such as bananas and avocados to enjoy as a healthy snack and a preventative measure against heat stroke.

5. Shade yourself with protective sunscreen and eyewear.



While fishing on Canyon Lake or in any of the Texas Hill Country lakes or rivers or visiting any other of the many outdoor attractions, be sure you have plenty of sunscreen. Not only does sunburn hurt and is linked have to skin cancer, sunburn also prevents the body from cooling down efficiently which can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  Be sure to apply sunscreen liberally and often.  Also wearing protective sunglasses and a hat can protect your eyes.

6. Take a break.



In the middle of the day, the sun can be very hot, especially during the summer months of July and August. Luckily the Texas Hill Country has many places you can visit with A/C, and you can still enjoy the history and many attractions of the beautiful Texas Hill County.  One very popular attraction in the Texas Hill Country is the Admiral Nimitz Museum.  Not only can you cool off, but you can enjoy seeing the museum that houses exhibits on the life and career of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz who grew up in Fredericksburg, Texas and served his country in WWII.  Don’t forget to take a break and visit the museums in the Texas Hill Country.

7. Always use a buddy system.


Humans were created to be social beings. Not only is having a buddy a fun thing to have, but having a buddy with you while exploring the great outdoors can be a life saver. You can suffer injury from falls or wildlife, and/or you can also experience heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Have a buddy or two close by so if accidents occur you can get the help you need.