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$80 Million Development Deal to Bring Dine-In Theater to Austin

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In Southwest Austin, Stratus Properties, Inc. and Moviehouse & Eatery will bring a 10-screen, dine-in theater in 2018.

The movie theater and office park project, which will be 325,000 square feet, is set to be built at Lantana Place in southwest Austin at the intersection of Southwest Parkway and West William Cannon Drive. As the Austin American-Statesman reported, the Stratus “envisions the $80 million development will have a heavy entertainment focus… with shops and restaurants, as well as a hotel and some offices.”

The dine-in theater is expected to be the anchor of the entire project and the developers believe that it will be successful based on the model of Parkside Village in Southwest Austin. If Moviehouse & Eatery sounds familiar, it’s because there is one location near N. RM 620 in Northwest Austin. In the last year alone, over 450,000 people have visited.

Moviehouse & Eatery focuses on catering to young families and that fact alone has drawn crowds. As Moviehouse & Eatery principal Leslie Sloan told the Austin American-Statesman, “We’ve had people asking for a south location for a while now. We have people who drive 40 or 50 miles just to come to our theater.”

Do you think this project will revitalize a portion of Southwest Austin that has yet to be developed fully? Moviehouse & Eatery thinks it will!