9 Tips for Taking Better Family Pictures in Bluebonnets

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7. Be mindful of your background.

Bluebonnets overtake a dry lake bed in Spicewood, Texas.
Photo: Jason Weingart

Avoid distracting background elements such as buildings, power poles, and lines. Avoid having the horizon running through your subject’s head. If you shoot slightly down on your subject, you should have nothing but bluebonnets in the background.

8. Be safe and respectful.

Photo: Jason Weingart

Choose a safe spot for your shoot. Avoid shooting along the highways. Do not trespass on private property. Watch your step. Be careful where you place your subjects in the bluebonnets. It is common to encounter stinging or biting insects such as wasps, bees, and fire ants. Do your best to avoid stomping or picking the bluebonnets, especially en masse. This ruins opportunities for others.

9. Take lots of pictures.

A longhorn stands in a field of bluebonnets in Leander, Texas.
Photo: Jason Weingart

People blink, squint, make goofy faces. It’s possible your focus may be off on some images. Take plenty of images so you are certain you capture that picture perfect smile.

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