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9-Year-Old Houston Girl Becomes Successful Published Author

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Published in late February, “Sydney Sunshine and the Not-So-Magic Mirror” has already hit number one on the AALBC (African American Literature Book Club) best-sellers list. Click2Houston reports that the book’s author is none other than Sydney McGee, a 9-year-old girl from Houston.

“Sydney writes every word from beginning to end. Of course, we do some copy editing… but as far as the order of the book, the plot, what’s going to happen, what Sydney Sunshine’s going to say, the days of the week, that’s all Sydney McGee,” says Meredith, Sydney’s mom.

Amazingly, Sydney is only getting started. This book will be one of 12 in a series about the vivacious main character, Sydney Sunshine, and each installment will have a strong moral. According to Amazon.com’s listing for “Sydney Sunshine and the Not-So-Magic Mirror,” the first book tackles the topic of gaining self-esteem.

The book has already received several rave reviews on Amazon from readers who appreciate the tale of a girl, a magical mirror, and self-confidence. “I read this book Sydney Sunshine and the Not So Magic Mirror to my 4th grade class. They loved it! We cannot wait till the next book. It was a joy to read such a sweet book in this day of age. Keep on writing Sydney!! You are amazing!!” Wanda F. wrote in her 5-star review.