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90-Year-Old Texan Sends $50 & Apology for a Petty Crime Committed 75 Years Ago

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A 90-year-old gentleman from north Houston “trying to do restitution,” has shown you can always say you’re sorry, no matter how long ago you wronged someone. After sending a handwritten apology along with a $50 bill to the Midvale, Utah, public works department, the mayor of Midvale wants the Texas nonagenarian to know he’s forgiven.

Estimated to be a small crime committed nearly 75 years ago, the man stole a stop sign in Midvale. In his note of apology, he only identified himself as a “sorrowful citizen,” and enclosed the money in order to compensate for it. “I am enclosing $50 to pay for this stop sign I stole when I was a thoughtless teenager. Stupid might be a better word for it,” the man wrote.

90-Year-Old Texan Sends $50 & Apology for a Petty Crime Committed 75 Years Ago

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He stated he was trying to make amends for past wrongs. “All of these things have made me sorrow over the few things I did when I was young. I wish to be forgiven by the Lord, so I am sorry and truly repentant,” he wrote. Wishing they could thank this man in person, Midvale officials have said that the letter had no return address. Mayor Robert Hale told Fox News, “He paid more than $50 in 75 years he’s been carrying that burden on his shoulder…He’s cleared it up as far as we’re concerned. We can scratch out that line on the account receivable now.” Although he doesn’t know this 90-year-old Texan’s name, he’s hopeful that the gentleman can now live peacefully. Midvale forgives him. Sharing the letter’s contents in a tweet on Wednesday, June 20, Midvale noted, “We received the sweetest anonymous letter from a 90-year-old Texas gentleman, and just had to share with y’all. #texas #BlessHisHeart”