Houston’s 95.7 FM Now Playing Millennial ‘Oldies’

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Hot 95.7 FM listeners perplexingly heard a robotic countdown from 3,000 on Friday morning leading up to a complete station remodel at 12:30 p.m. What was once a top-hits of today station featuring the likes of Taylor Swift and The Chainsmokers now plays “classic pop hits” like “Madonna, Bon Jovi, Outkast, Green Day, Duran Duran, and Def Leppard,” according to

An announcer on what’s being called The New 95.7, The Spot, told listeners, “You told us you wanted a spot where you felt energized from listening. A spot that wasn’t cluttered. A spot that was made just for you.” Click2Houston goes on to say that the first song they played was “Let’s Get Crazy” by Prince. speculates that the new station is almost like an oldies collection for millennials, but it will also mix in contemporary hits as well. The Spot won’t shy away from playing Maroon 5 alongside Guns N’ Roses.

The Facebook page for the new station shows that some people aren’t thrilled with the change. “You said we asked for this. Based on these comments, seems as though no one asked for this. Nice try, but no thanks. You will be losing a ton of listeners,” wrote Veronica Guerrero, replying to The Spot’s first post.