A Flood of Memories Sweep in After Texas’ Recent Historic Deluge

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With the disastrous flooding that has recently occurred due to intense storms and epic rainfall, it seems it’s the hot button or the topic du jour for most Texans. With all the talk about this recent deluge, it’s bound to come up that climate change or variations in atmospheric trends have only newly brought about such chaotic flooding circumstances to the great state of Texas. But not so, says Frontier Texas.

History Repeats Itself


Photo: Facebook/frontiertexas

In a recent Facebook post, Frontier Texas, the official visitors’ center for Abilene and the Texas Forts Trail Region, shared a video compilation of historic Texas flood photos arguing the case that this is nothing new, and those in opposition to the fact should check the records. Based on materials compiled through The Portal to Texas History, as many as 16 record-breaking instances, dating as far back as 1899, were highlighted in the black and white photo stills capturing some of the more devastating flood circumstances throughout the state. Music accompanying the video is similarly symbolic and well suited to the pictorial facts, as is the closing statement to the video which reads, “It rains… it floods.”

Memories Overflowing

Texas flooding

Photo: texashistory.unt.edu

The video, which can be viewed below or at www.facebook.com/frontiertexas, was uploaded to the Frontier Texas Facebook page on May 3, and at the publishing time for this article, had already racked up 147,000 views and counting, close to 5,000 shares, and a number of thoroughly debated comments from Texans and Tex-pats alike.

The Portal to Texas History


Photo: texashistory.unt.edu

The Portal to Texas History is a website developed as an open access to Texas history materials, including but not limited to photos of historic moments, ancestors, historical documents and maps and collections unique to Texas which can be found in state libraries, historical societies, archives and museums, to name a few. Visitors to the website can find information dating back from prehistory all the way to present-day, and as such, ‘The Portal’ continues to grow. New additions are added regularly as partners continue to contribute digital versions of their collections, developing a wealth of information unique to Texas and of great value to many family members, friends, professional as well as amateur historians or enthusiasts.

A Link to the Past

dpdotla portal to Texas History
Photo: texashistory.unt.edu

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