A Groom Serenaded His Bride With a George Strait Classic [VIDEO]

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A Groom Serenaded His Bride With a George Strait Classic [VIDEO]

Lorie Liebig, Wide Open Country
A wedding is always an emotional event that can be filled with laughter, tears and even stress. It can be hectic trying to keep your ceremony on schedule and keep your guests happy while still trying to make your own wedding day dreams come true. Sometimes it helps to remember that the most memorable and meaningful moments come from the two people that the day is really about – the couple.

In this video, the groom, William, serenades his new bride, Whitney, with the George Strait classic, “I Cross My Heart”, from the altar. You can tell from the emotion in his voice and on his face that he was putting everything he had into the meaningful performance that is likely one that neither of them will ever forget. Even though you can’t see her face from her long veil, it would be hard to believe Whitney didn’t have at least a little bit of tears in her eyes. This sweet performance shows what the power of love and a great George Strait song can do when they come together for one very special moment.