A Priceless Gem for Genealogists

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A Priceless Gem for Genealogists

By Caroline T. Hanson, Ed.D.

“You cannot travel far enough or live long enough to lose your heritage; you carry it with you in your blood.”

A Priceless Gem for Genealogists

Photo: Pat Weber, a volunteer, looks for a reference.

Kerrville, Texas, is the home of a fantastic resource for genealogy buffs.  The Kerrville Genealogical Society Research Center and Library is located at 125 Lehmann Drive, Suite 102.  It is open to the public Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00.  All services are FREE to the public, and knowledgeable volunteers are available to welcome and assist you with your research.

Today, researching one’s family tree is more popular, important, and easier than ever before.  The internet has provided a wealth of information to carry out this task.  Sources can be ferreted out of printed media as well.  So you think, “Why would I want to undertake this project?” ‘

A Priceless Gem for Genealogists

Photo: Volunteers chat in the main room.

Reasons are probably as numerous as those who research.  Here are a few motives:

  • Who am I and how did to come to be here?
  • Am I related to a famous historical figure?
  • Was an ancestor of mine involved in a famous historical event?
  • Is there a medical condition that runs in my family?
  • As an adopted child, what can I learn about my birth parents?
  • Did my family emigrate from another country? Can I preserve some of the culture of their former country?
  • Was I named after an ancestor?
  • Would I like to locate and connect with living relatives?
  • Do I qualify for membership in a heritage society like the Daughters of the American Revolution or Daughters of the Republic of Texas?
  • Would I like to have a new and captivating hobby?

And many more.

A Priceless Gem for Genealogists
Photo: A visitor staked out a computer room.

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