Abandoned Pup Finds Home With Firefighter

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On a cold, rainy October day, Firefighter Mike Thawley and his crew from the Sacramento Fire Department responded to a medical call and saved an unexpected life by giving an abandoned pup her forever home. On the way to the call, Thawley and his partners noticed a scrawny, sick puppy tied to a metal pipe.  The crew untied her and took her back to the station with them.

Once they got her to the station, they gave her a bath and turned her over to the Front Street Animal Shelter to take care of her skin condition. According to the shelter’s spokesperson Bobby Mann, the type of mange that Chunk has will be cleared up with medication. “She’ll be looking like a regular dog really soon,” Mann said.

Mike Thawley could not get the poor, shivering creature off his mind.  The day after the pup, affectionately named Chunk, was dropped off at the shelter, Thawley called to check on her. The kind-hearted firefighter didn’t let things end there. According to FOX40, Firefighter Thawley had a very important question to ask his family. In response, his daughters said in unison, “She is going to be ours.” Looks like Chunk is one lucky pup.