MLB Provides Astros Fans With an Absent Note After Lengthy Game

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Last night’s World Series game lasted an astounding, stressful, and glorious five hours and 17 minutes in length. USA Today says that makes it the second-longest World Series game in history, and since it ran well past midnight, fans who went home from Minute Maid Park were probably still wound up from all the excitement until the wee hours of the morning. Due to the late night and victory, many Astros fans probably either came in late to work today, or they might have taken a sick day. But not to worry, the MLB has everyone who skipped out covered with an absent note posted on to Twitter.

Even though the above tweet might not exactly convince one’s boss that watching baseball is a valid excuse to miss work, the incredible win still remains. As CBS Sports writes, the nailbiting match might have been the greatest World Series game ever played!

Over on the Astros Facebook page, people around the country are thrilled for Houstonians. Matthew Ways wrote, “Yankee fan here and wanted to say Congrats to the Astros. What a team. We battled you guys and just came up a little short. Well deserved win. I’m sure we will see each other again. Again congrats on the series.”