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A Day Trip to Dripping Springs: Charming, Inviting, Intoxicating

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If you’re looking for a Texas Hill Country day trip to shake the nine-to-five blues, take a drive on out to Dripping Springs. The Hill Country is full of beautiful countryside, rolling hills with white limestone inflections, and nights so star-filled you just know you’re in Texas. Good food, great people, and a friendly, charming, and inviting atmosphere are the only things left to complete this picture-perfect locale, and all this is waiting for you in Dripping Springs.

A Day Trip to Dripping Springs: Charming, Inviting, Intoxicating

Photo: Facebook/Texas Happy

Unmistakably Texan, you can start your day out with a hearty country breakfast and a great cup of coffee at a local restaurant before you meander out to sight-see, and your first stop should be Hamilton Pool – a massive and very cool natural spring whose name doesn’t do it justice. Surrounded by cliffs, the pool portion is fantastic, but the hiking trails are a close second! A short hike through beautiful Hill Country scenery is the very first you’ll take, in order to even get to Hamilton Pool, but an additional trail leads to the Pedernales River which is just as robust for nature, scenery, and pure beauty. The river bed is Texas limestone, and the water has a greenish-blue tinge to it that’s very inviting and makes jumping in even more enticing.

A Day Trip to Dripping Springs: Charming, Inviting, Intoxicating

Photo: Facebook/Pedernales Falls State Park

In addition to this, you’ll want to visit Pedernales Falls State Park. After a brief hike, the opportunity to jump off of cliffs into another phenomenal natural swimming hole (the Hill Country is loaded with these beauties!) reveals itself. Clean, clear water, small fish frantically getting out of your way, and cliffs ranging from 15 to 35-five feet in height surrounding you make it this stop an unforgettable experience! Cap your day trip off with another fantastic meal at one of the area’s great eateries and you’ve had yourself an intoxicating day trip to Dripping Springs!