Would You Add These Edible Insects to Your Diet For Extra Protein?

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The United Nations wants those who would normally turn their nose up at the idea of eating insects to consider that over two billion people eat bugs as part of their regular diet. Insects provide a great amount of fiber, protein, and minerals, especially for those in food insecure areas. ABC 13 reports that over 1,900 insects are known to be edible.

National Geographic defines entomophagy as “the consumption of insects as food” and mentions that “insects convert food into protein much more efficiently than livestock do.” So, what are some insects you can munch on? Mealworms have a similar amount of protein and minerals as fish, and consuming a plethora of red ants can provide a great amount iron and calcium. Crickets have a “neutral” flavor while stinkbugs are said to taste like apples.

If you want to sink your teeth into a beetle or two, stop by the Houston Museum of Natural Science where they have an insect snack vending machine. Lollipops encasing worms or scorpions and chocolate covered bugs are sweet options while chips made from cricket flour are a savory and less initially icky snack.

To read more about how insects are prepared all over the world, check out National Geographic.