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Go Off the Grid at This Rustic Adobe Dome in Big Bend

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If the holiday season is already getting to you and you’re looking for a place to go “off the grid” in the majestic Big Bend area of west Texas, consider a memorable stay at an adobe done with the mountains of west Texas as your backdrop. The dome, which was featured on HGTV’s popular show, “Mighty Tiny Houses,” is available for rent and makes for an exciting getaway in one of our state’s most picturesque landscapes.

Featuring Unmatched Views

Big Bend

Photo: Flickr/John Karwoski

The owner explains, via the Airbnb listing, that the dome rests in an isolated but easily accessible off-grid setting in one of the few remaining territories under a dark sky ordinance. This ordinance offers unmatched views of the night sky and a completely unobstructed view of a horizon that delivers truly majestic sunrises and sunsets. Though the dome is isolated, the entrance to Big Bend National Park is just a 25-minute drive and the historic Terlingua ghost town about the same.

Provides Shelter From the Desert Elements

adobe dome

Photo: Facebook/VisitBigBend

The dome is an earthen structure, with a cob (adobe) barrier to provide shelter from the desert elements such as heat, cold, winds, and rain. The summer can get hot in the desert and, while the adobe dome gives a good buffer against the outside elements, there is no air conditioning in the dome – just a fan. There are also perimeter windows to entice a night breeze.

According to the Airbnb listing, the newly built dome kitchen provides a two burner propane stove and oven, as well as a refrigerator that is powered by solar power. In fact, all power to the dome comes directly from a modest solar energy system and willpower phones, laptops, and lights, but not much more (no hair dryers for instance). The kitchen sink pumps water from a small rain collection cistern and thus guests are asked to be very strategic with water use. Separate drinking water is provided as well.

To learn more about this adobe dome, including pricing and availability, visit the listing on the Airbnb website.