Adorable Husky Throws Tantrum and Refuses to Leave Couch

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We’ve all been there. You have a million things to do and places to be, but the last thing you want to do is get off the couch. Apparently this is a feeling that even animals can relate to, as shown by this adorably grumpy husky.

In the video below, you’ll see Zeus the dog enjoying a lazy day on the couch when his owner asks him to take a walk. Usually, dogs jump at the chance to head outside and enjoy the great outdoors, but not Zeus. He makes it clear that he has no intentions of leaving his cozy spot by letting out a series of long, whiny howls.

Even after minutes of attempted convincing by his owner, Zeus only responds with a canine version of a temper tantrum. Zeus’ mother tells Mashable that her dog is usually all about heading outside for a nice stroll, but simply wasn’t into the idea on this particular day.

This isn’t the first time Zeus has made headlines for his sassy attitude. He was also caught on camera whining up a storm during an attempted bath time just last month. It just goes to show that animals and humans really aren’t all that different.