Do You Remember ‘Advanced Comfort, Texas?’ It Can Still be Found in the Texas Hill Country

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We’re not sure if many of you recall (although we’re willing to bet that the town of Comfort still does) when Wrangler set out to make a corporate launch of their “Advanced Comfort” jeans and did so in great Texas Hill Country style.

In 2014, the western wear and work wear company launched Wrangler Advanced Comfort Jeans by taking over the town of Comfort, Texas. Videos leading up to their launch were posted to their YouTube channel and shared across social media, which revealed all that was great about the town of Comfort. Speaking to its ethics and quality of life, the company focused on Comfort’s small-town Texas appeal, since it “represents everything Wrangler stands for – hard work, integrity, and the ability to enjoy the small comforts of life…” according to press linked to the promotion.

Shared on the wrangler jeans YouTube channel, the video above was followed by the one in the link available here, both of which epitomized everything that Comfort, Texas stood for. With the hashtag #GetMoreComfortable, Wrangler proceeded to produce these epic videos (there was a third in the process as well), together with naming NFL quarterback Drew Brees as mayor for the day, and presenting the town with 5,000 pairs of their Advanced Comfort jeans… and for July 23, 2014, renaming the town “Advanced Comfort, Texas.” According to a follow-up press release, the company also “…replaced the seat backs at the high school stadium, designated the Comfort Zone, and donated $10,000 to the Comfort Chamber of Commerce. Town residents tested out the jeans in football drills coached by Brees.” In the process, Comfort and its amazing small-town appeal in the Texas Hill Country shone in the spotlight that day, and the community continues to welcome visitors to its homey locale in the heart of the Lone Star State.