How Affordable is it to Live in the Texas Hill Country?

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Did you know that the cost of living is lower in the Texas Hill Country than virtually anyplace else in the United States? Yep, that’s right – you could surround yourself with all the beauty and pleasures this land has to offer for cheaper than, say, Florida or California. Heck! Even West Texas has a higher cost of living than the Hill Country.

How Affordable is the Texas Hill Country

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Let’s take San Antonio, for example. It is the second largest city in Texas, but has the lowest cost of living of any other city comparable in size within the United States. Austin isn’t that far behind. What’s beautiful about it all is that both cities have a lot to offer in opportunities and experiences. According to the CNN Money Cost of Living Calculator, to live in San Diego, CA you will pay 14% more for healthcare, 23% more for groceries, 29% more for utilities, and a whopping 67% more for housing than you would in San Antonio. Those are some insane numbers!

Now keep in mind that San Antonio is considerably larger than Indianapolis, IN, Denver, CO, or even Albany, NY, but the cost of living is still less in San Antonio than in any of these cities. In San Antonio, housing will cost you 10% less than living in Indianapolis, 43% less than in Denver, and 39% less than in Albany. This isn’t including other expenses such as food, transportation, healthcare, and utilities, which quickly add up.

How Affordable is the Texas Hill Country

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How Affordable is the Texas Hill Country


Now, city life is not for everybody. Some want to move away from the ‘big city’ to a more rural setting, while others could never imagine moving into the city. If the cost of living in major cities differs that much, what would the cost of living be for someone who wants to start up their own little homestead, or a Ma-and-Pa bakery in a quiet little town? The Hill Country is home to a plethora of small towns. Can you imagine how much more you can save on that grocery bill if you plant a garden, raise your own meat, and preserve your own foods? Your utility bills could be less by drawing your water from a well and installing solar panels or a wind turbine.

Living in the Hill Country almost seems like a no-brainer. Whether it be the hustle and bustle of the city life or the nostalgia of a country life, the Hill Country has a lot to offer for only a fraction of the cost of other areas in the United States. Arts, culture, and unique activities are abundant in the cities of the Texas Hill Country, while agricultural opportunities and a quiet, relaxed life are offered in the rural areas. Either way, the Texas Hill Country is the place to be!