Agility Course for Dogs Opens Up at a Popular Katy Dog Park

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The Katy Dog Park located at 5418 Franz Road now has a brand new dog agility course for active pups to get out all of their energy and exercise their brains, too. The new additions include ladders, jumps, and other obstacles thanks to a partnership between the City of Katy, BarkPark by UltraSite, and the National Dog Park Association. “We were able to add weave poles to complete the course design we envisioned, and are confident that this new addition will serve all our park guests and their pups well for years to come,” Katy Magazine Online quotes Elysia Rodriguez of the City of Katy Parks and Recreation Department.

The Katy Dog Park already had a loyal following due to its pretty open spaces and pond. As Cat W. wrote on Yelp, “We love this dog park! There are plenty of shade trees, decent amount of benches and love the walking trail. Our dog wouldn’t really get in the pond much but the other dogs seemed to love it. Never seen an aggressive dog here, everyone is aware and responsible with their pets which is great.”

The blue and red agility course was installed on January 5 and is now open to the public.