Allow Aikman to Introduce Himself: Hilarious Twitter Debate on Likeness to Jay-Z

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Twitter knows a thing or two about dry comedy, and apparently, lookalikes. Over the weekend, Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and present analyst for Fox NFL Sundays, was compared in likeness to rapper, entrepreneur and investor, Jay-Z (Shawn Carter). If you’re a Cowboys fan, you know exactly who Aikman is, but the picture post on Twitter lit up the debate, and the ensuing comments were pure pun gold.

Obviously meant in good humor, Twitter’s fan base responded in true “social comedia” fashion. Using song lyrics or quotes, fake conversations, and references to Aikman and Jay-Z’s careers in the media, the viral discussion carried on to the amazement (and sometimes chagrin) of some of its posters.

It’s funny what piques some people’s interests and curiosities, and with the invention of social media comes the development of trivial debates that keep the comedy fodder churning. For those who are fans of Jay-Z, we’re pretty sure there’s…”Reasonable Doubt.”