Airbnb to the Rescue for the Weekend Getaway

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There are some major advantages to using Airbnb. Thankfully in Texas, you can find many hosts all over the Hill Country for a quick weekend getaway. When you first go on Airbnb it is important to remember that people are willing to put their properties up for visitors to stay in. A large majority of this activity is allowed because of the trust between the guest and the owner.

Convenience of the App

Airbnb offers many different choices for vacationing.Photo: Facebook/James Martin via Airbnb

It is surprising how easy the app and site are to use in the search for a place to stay. Navigating through the choices is incredibly easy and the variety allows for any type of trip. For some, a cute little cottage in Wimberley is ideal. Others prefer a gorgeous lake house on Lake Buchanan. Hotels are comfortable and convenient, however, if you enjoy traveling and seeing different places off the beaten path, Airbnb is often a solid and reliable choice that provides the comfort of the hotel, where, unfortunately, a hotel may not be.

Maximize the Use of the App.

Airbnb offers diverse experiences.Photo: Facebook/James Martin via Airbnb

It is important to remember what kind of trip you are taking. If you are wanting to go to Garner State Park or Enchanted Rock Natural Area and want to spend several days at those locations, Airbnb is a great choice to use, especially in the summer months when camping can often be miserable. Additionally, for major events, weekend getaways, and music series like Austin City Limits or South By Southwest, Airbnb offers users the opportunity to find places to stay or rent out that add to the overall enjoyableness of the trip, especially if the hotel’s booked in advance.

The Courtesy and Etiquette

Review from AirbnbPhoto: Facebook/ James Martin via Airbnb

Most importantly, Airbnb does a good job of making sure users present an honest portrait of their properties and themselves. This is done in several ways. Each user has to develop a relatively thorough profile. If you are wanting to rent out a room, cabin, domicile, or house of any kind, often you will find a list of house rules. These are important to follow because Airbnb is a community built on trust. Additionally, places that have been stayed at often have reviews posted by other visitors. When looking for a place to stay, these reviews are helpful in giving feedback as to how the host is, the level of comfort the place offers, and ease of access.