Airport Security Rant by Two-Year-Old Has the Internet in Stitches

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In an adorable video rant, two-year-old Mila, who was flying to Michigan from Phoenix with her parents, had a serious issue with airport security. Apparently, she didn’t enjoy being the subject of a security search. Go figure. But, in no uncertain terms, she let the world know what her thoughts were on the matter.

Shared on Katie Stauffer’s YouTube Channel, Mila has a number of online interviews that prove quite intriguing, but this one, by far, shows that kids can understand the woes of adults more than we sometimes think! After witnessing a long line ahead of her for the security search, she explained, “Luckily, I’m still in diapers. This could’ve been bad.”

She had some choice words regarding her experience, noting, “It’s mortifying. I’m not cut out for this!” From agents taking her sippy cup to the ongoing problem with long lines, Mila said what many of us haven’t been able to quite so eloquently, nor adorably. Clearly, she’s never flown out of DFW or had the pleasure of experiencing holiday travel from Texas to, well… anywhere! Her rant is going viral, being watched more than 400,000 times.



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