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Alamo-Themed License Plate Now Available to Texans

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Texans can now “remember the Alamo” by purchasing an official Alamo-themed license plate from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Each plate sold will result in a $22 donation to help preserve the Alamo and provide educational programs about the Texas landmark.

The design came to fruition when the Texas General Land Office, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, and Texas State Representative Lyle Larson worked together to create a vehicular ode to the Alamo.

KSAT reported that Larson is excited about the new plate saying, “There are a lot of folks who take pride in Texas’ heritage, and the Alamo is the cradle of Texas independence. This will give folks the opportunity to embrace that concept when they purchase their license plates and support the restoration of the Alamo for future generations.”

The Alamo plates are now available online on the TDMV website along with a long list of other plates adorned with college emblems, sports teams, and different causes. The simple design of the red, white, and blue Alamo plate with the word “remember” will stand out as a clear message that the driver is a proud Texan.