Everything Must Go! Own A Piece of Texas History From Alamo Village in Bracketville

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Own a sample of Texas history at the Alamo Village liquidation sale at the once-popular tourist destination and the now-closed replica of The Alamo located in Bracketville. Alamo Village at Bracketville was the first movie location built in the state of Texas and is best known as the movie set built for John Wayne’s epic 1960 movie, “The Alamo”. Alamo Village has been closed since 2010, due to the death of the owners and now all assets are for sale.

Liquidation Sale: January 27 & 28

Liquidation Sale

Photo: Facebook/Alamo Village

The liquidation sale will be held on January 27 and 28 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the property, located in Bracketville, 115 miles west of San Antonio. This sale includes a total liquidation of all movie assets on the property. This includes 35 wagons used in the making of numerous films, the owner’s personal collection of over 1,800 arrowheads, contents of the John Wayne museum, pews from the mission used in numerous films, a full retail souvenir store, cantina and bar, furniture, props, and much more.

Built by John Wayne in the 1950s

Alamo Village
Photo: Facebook/Alamo Village

The authentically replicated adobe mission and town took almost two years to complete. The set for the movie “The Alamo,” starring John Wayne, was built in the 1950s by Wayne himself. It was also used for the filming of “Lonesome Dove.” Seventy-two movies, six documentaries, six music videos, and 13 commercials were filmed at Alamo Village. Some of the movies include “Arrowhead” with Charleton Heston, “Two Rode Together” featuring Jimmy Stewart and Richard Widmark, and “Bandolero” with Raquel Welch. One side of the town was created specifically for John Wayne and his movies, and the other side was created for other filming endeavors.

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