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BEWARE: Alarm System Scam Going Door-to-Door in Houston

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Currently, several Houstonians are getting bombarded by alarm company salespeople who are going door-to-door in an alleged scam. In the past year alone, the Houston Better Business Bureau has seen 300 complaints about these fraudulent companies which set residents up with an unneeded additional alarm service, bill them, and then charge a big cancellation fee.

The scam works like this: salespeople knock on the doors of people who already have a security system installed. They say they’re offering replacement parts for ADT systems and that ADT employs them to manage their equipment. None of this is true. The goal of the scam is to sign people up with a redundant and useless alarm service plan.

Kyle Pohja with ADT told KHOU, “A couple of bad actors are kind of giving a reputation to the industry.” ADT has seen these scammers in action by sending in a whistleblower to train with one of the companies called Vision Security (which ADT later sued).

Vision Security dropped off groups of salespeople in big neighborhoods to solicit all day. One man’s doorway pitch was recorded. He said, “The reason why we’re out here is we’re just taking down those old panels, popping up a new one for ya, nothing you have to pay for. You gotta say that right off the bat.”

Obviously, people eventually do end up paying more than they should.

KHOU recommends, “If an alarm salesperson shows up at your door, ask to see their company ID and their private registration card issued by the state of Texas. It looks a lot like a driver’s license and it’s the law for salespeople to carry them. If they’re legitimate, they will show it to you.”