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Alert! Tropical Storm Beta is Likely Headed to Texas Soon

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Friday, September 18, 2020, was a remarkable day for one reason: it was the only time that three named storms have formed in a single day, testifying to the extreme speed of the 2020 hurricane season in the Atlantic. Now, as of this writing on Friday evening, it appears that one of that tropical storms is headed for Texas.

Tropical Storm Wilfred was the first to form late Friday morning, then came  Subtropical Storm Alpha near Portugal around noon, and finally, Tropical Storm Beta formed in the Gulf of Mexico at about 5:00. The maximum sustained winds are 40 mph, and it’s reported that it will head to the Lone Star State in a few days. Byt the time Sunday rolls around, it could even be a Category 1 hurricane, but thankfully the forecast has it weakening back to a tropical storm before it moves along the Texas coastline. However, it’s important to note that it’s currently too soon to tell what impact the storm might have, due to its curvy path.

Swells are expected to increase and reach the coast of Texas over the weekend, and these could potentially cause deadly surf and rip current conditions. Exercise caution and keep up to date on all the latest weather news. Stay safe, Texans.