Alfred Angelo Abruptly Closes Leaving Many Brides in a Panic

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Weddings are stressful enough to plan for without the store where you bought your bridal gown closing down. Unfortunately for many brides-to-be, they found out yesterday via social media that Alfred Angelo Bridal is immediately shutting down all of its locations.

Those who recently purchased gowns at the chain would never imagine that they would close all 62 locations across the country without warning. As WFAA writes, “Founded in 1933, the Florida-based bridal chain is one of the largest wedding dress manufacturers in the world, selling gowns at more than 1,400 retailers in the U.S. and worldwide.” They even recently posted a “Bride of the Month” on their Facebook page. There was no sign that things were going south.

KTLA says that stores should be open for brides to pick up their dresses if they happen to be ready, but since employees were also blindsided by the closing, it’s been difficult for many brides to get in contact with anyone.

“Luckily mine is 11 months out. I have time to go dress shopping again, but I cannot imagine being someone whose wedding is in a couple months and not having time to go get something else.  I just can’t believe it!” bride Katie Kortuem said to the news outside of the closed glass doors.