New Research Suggests Green LED Light Could Help Migraine Sufferers

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We’ve all heard that the light emitted from smartphones and tablets can do us harm when we look at them in the dark of night, but have you heard that green light could help to lessen the pain of a migraine?

Migraine pains can be difficult for people to understand who have never suffered from one. As Darcee Krieger Mora said in an article by the Huffington Post, “I believe they are all different. Mine begin when I lose peripheral vision and then become nauseous. My vision then returns only to have the pain start. It’s an intense pain that makes you just want to apply constant direct pressure to a specific part on your head to relieve it. It’s painful to even open your eyes. I hate when people say ‘you have a headache.’ No, it’s much more than that.”

Could something as simple as green light help ease such awful pains? KSAT writes that researchers at the University of Arizona have held studies where migraine sufferers surrounded their field of vision in green LED light for “one to two hours a day for ten weeks.” They significantly showed improvements pertaining to their pain level, and even refused to give the green lights back to the researchers!

Dr. Khanna says that part of the impact is psychological, “But also, at a chemical, a neurochemical level,  it does something to tune the system so essentially what it’s doing is increasing your happy hormones, your level of endogenous opioids.”