What Kind of a Dog is That? ‘Retriever’ Alligator Saunters Across Golf Course With Fish In Its Mouth

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Posted by Storyful News on its YouTube channel, a video showing an alligator with a fish in its mouth slowly sauntering across a golf course in the midst of a game has viewers clicking replay. The players obviously paused their game as the gator made its way across part of the course and a cart/walking path and into a nearby water hazard. And the videographer (which appears to be holding a mobile phone camera) is in complete amazement.

“What a sight!” the camera operator says, as they watch the animal slowly take his prey across the course while onlookers pause to respect its space.

The video lasts 44 seconds, in which the gator stealthily takes its sushi dish back to its lair, and golfers, we assume, can continue their game. An average adult American alligator can weigh 790 pounds and grow to a length of 13 feet. According to Wikipedia, alligators are native only to the United States and China, and American alligators are found for the most part in Florida and Louisiana, but they also reside in many other southern states, which includes parts of Texas. They inhabit freshwater environments, such as ponds, rivers, lakes, and swamps, and apparently golf course water hazards!