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Alligator Wrestling Must Stop Texas Officials Warn

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You would think it would go without saying, but Texas officials have now warned people to stop wrestling with alligators.

According to UPI, many sightings of an alligator were reported “in a culvert near the bayou on Monroe near Almeda Genoa Road in Houston” in late June. Word spread about this particular gator, and people began seeking it out and taking video of it.

One of these videos that popped up on social media features a man brawling with a gator while covering its face. An audience looked on eagerly with their phones poised. Sadly, that wasn’t all that happened. Other videos show a man pulling the creature by its tail toward the direction of the road. Yet another video shows a man coaxing the alligator out of the water using a chicken on a rope.

Officials from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department say that people should really leave the gators alone. This seems like common sense, but apparently, some people need reminding that gators are wild animals that are extremely strong and dangerous — not to mention that the way the perpetrators and onlookers are acting is rather embarrassing. Hopefully, everyone will wise up soon before any people, or any alligators, get seriously injured.