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Woman Steps In and Alters Forgotten Alfred Angelo Dresses for Free

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The news spread like wildfire across the internet last month. Wedding dress chain Alfred Angelo closed all of their stores abruptly, leaving many brides and bridesmaids wondering what would become of their unaltered, paid-for gowns.

USA Today says that Alfred Angelo has halted delivering any gowns and let brides know that they should stop making payments on dresses and attempt to get a refund. But, for many brides whose special days are quickly approaching, the absolute bare minimum isn’t good enough.

Alfred Angelo didn’t let their employees know they would be let go until the last minute either, but that didn’t stop Rozettia Ellis from continuing her job for free! The seamstress took the gowns she was working on for an Oklahoma City Alfred Angelo store, loaded them up in her car, went home, and finished each one. “My integrity says I have to, ok? You have standards for yourself then you live up to those standards,” KHOU quotes Ellis.

One bride was so escatic that Ellis mended her dress despite the turmoil surrounding Alfred Angelo that she started a GoFundMe page to support Ellis’s work. “It makes you want to go out and do nice things too because if doing the right beautiful thing is her gut reaction, then maybe we could all learn a little bit from that,” she stated.

If someone you know is dealing with Alfred Angelo wedding dress drama and doesn’t have an angel like Rozettia Ellis on the horizon, see this article with options on how to move forward.