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Amazing Meteor Shower Expected Predawn Friday

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If you’re up before the dawn on the on Friday the 12th, be sure to look up to the stars to catch one of the best meteor showers in two decades years.

“Perseid” is an annual meteor shower that’s always a favorite of star-gazers. This year, in particular, the shower should be especially visible with some help from Jupiter. The meteors come from dust off of a comet called Swift-Tuttle, and Jupiter has pushed this debris closer to earth. Now, more dust will collide with the earth’s atmosphere and create beautiful streaks of light.

Astronomy.com provides great advice for preparing to stare up at the sky anytime from 1:00 AM onwards. They said, “As always, you’ll see more meteors at a viewing site far from any artificial lights. Look about two-thirds of the way from the horizon to the zenith, but don’t get tunnel vision gazing at one location. Let your eyes wander so your peripheral vision can pick up meteors you otherwise might not see. Keep comfortable by reclining in a lawn chair or lying on an air mattress. And bring along a sweater or light jacket.”

Even if you’re not a night owl, it should be worth it to get outside and turn your head toward the stars!