Amazing & Mysterious: Impossible Places Truly in Existence

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The world is full of mysteries that we’ve yet to unravel. For instance, what caused the East Texas Blowdown of 1998? What are, or are the sources of, the Marfa Lights? And, why are the Kardashians so popular? Although these questions aren’t answered in the following video, and it may actually raise more for you, “10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist,” was posted on their YouTube Channel by TheRichest, and it gives us pause for thought.

From places that were deemed too dangerous for man to investigate, and therefore have remained a mystery, to chemical reactions taking place at night that were previously left unexplained to early man and subsequently believed to be a “mystery,” this video covers places on this planet we had never even heard of before, one of which is on our own continent!

Although we’re sure the Hessdalen Lights can give our West Texas Marfa Lights a run for their money, we’re not entirely sure the two would have the same cause, nor be related. But, it really makes us question things that we wouldn’t normally. As we go about our day in the Lone Star State, many of us are so preoccupied with simply getting up, going to work, paying our bills, and making sure our loved ones are okay that we don’t have time to truly sit and think about such places or things. Others that were listed in this video aren’t in fact mysteries at all, but are man-made colossal tragedies, such as Lake Karachay, now sealed over with concrete, but which ultimately should never have existed in the first place. What are we doing to our planet? What has the planet designed which we have not yet been able to investigate? TheRichest merely provides a taste of what’s out there and yet to be explained! Have you ever wondered about the Bermuda Triangle? Did you know about the place in Venezuela that continues to have lightning storms almost nightly? Are there as many mysterious places right here in Texas? Places like this are truly amazing.