Is Amazon Selling Giant Bread-style Pillows You “Knead” in Your Life?

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“Keto, schmeto,” says whoever recently decided to market a pillow on Amazon which is shaped like a large loaf of bread. On the list of things you may never need in your life but are somewhat curious about, this pillow probably has its spot earmarked. Coming in at a hefty 31.5 inches in length, this headrest will allow those who say they “eat, sleep, and breathe” carbs to at least get the “sleep” part right.

Is Amazon Selling Giant Bread-style Pillows You "Knead" in Your Life?

Photo: Amazon

There are two smaller sizes of this loaf-of-bread-styled pillow. Reviewers of the product have given it high ratings, using adverbs such as “comfortable,” and “unique” to describe it. Well… it’s a pillow. And it’s shaped like a loaf of bread, so…

Is Amazon Selling Giant Bread-style Pillows You "Knead" in Your Life?

Photo: Facebook/Taveau D’Arcy

Online shoppers are well aware they can find almost anything you could imagine at the click of a mouse or tap of a keyboard. Not unlike the bread pillow, a blanket that looks like a tortilla was recently touted as the next viral must-have. Many a Texas grandma out there has told us younger people, “You are what you eat.” Their admonishments may very well be coming true! For now, at least, you are what you sleep on might be the better turn of phrase. The burrito blanket went viral on the basis that users could wrap up like a burrito to get some rest. Perhaps consumers are hiding such desires, just waiting to spring them on unsuspecting manufacturers for the latest market research poll. However, having never once heard anyone say they were so tired they could literally curl up like a burrito to get some rest, it leaves a few questions unanswered. Have you ever wanted nothing more than to sleep on or in something that’s designed to look like food? Are we harboring a carb craze deep within us that only comes out when we’re unconscious, hence these food-based sleeping apparatuses? What do the people at Amazon know about our sleeping or eating habits that result in things like this becoming the next big deal? Whatever momentum is behind this latest trend, those looking to become the next best things since sliced bread can now also purchase slippers that are designed to look like French baguettes. Now ask yourself, “Do I knead these things in my life?”