Here Are Some Amazon Perks You Might Not Know About

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Right now, someone is typing into their browser. The internet e-commerce behemoth serves as a marketplace for just about anything internet shoppers could want/need. ReadyCloud says that Prime members spend about $625 per year and “30% of online shoppers in the U.S. have a Prime membership.” Even though people use the site consistently, they may not know about all of the perks that come with using the site.

WFAA points out some of the aspects of Amazon you might have overlooked. One perk is same day delivery of goods and restaurant food. Using Amazon Restaurants will get customers hot meals from local companies delivered to their door and Prime Now can bring you household goods and groceries in mere hours.

Amazon also has a Cloud Drive to back up your precious data like photos and Word docs. You can upload photo albums while streaming free movies and downloading free music with a Prime membership. Remember to check out the free books and magazines available, too.

As WFAA writes, “The service works just like Prime Video, where the selections rotate regularly. So if the book you want to read isn’t there now, it maybe become available in a few months. Just download the Kindle app and you should ready to read.”

And last, but not least, the boxes make for perfect pet hangout spots.

No dogs allowed in the cat fort! #regram from @veelb

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