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American Airlines Plans to Cut Down on Leg Room in Some Rows of Their Boeings

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American Airline’s new Boeing 737 jetliners will have an inch less of legroom, bringing the grand total of room to move your limbs to 30 inches. Bloomberg reports that a few rows of seating on the American Airlines Boeing 737 Max will only have 29 inches.

Even though the space is declining, the airline maintains that their new slim seats will actually allow for more knee room. “These are well-designed seats built for this kind of a layout. We believe we’re still providing a good product for customers,” spokesperson Joshua Freed relayed.

In the past two years, American Airlines has added seats to their Boeing jets, hoping to increase revenue from their economy sections. It appears that the first class sections have remained mostly the same.

Perhaps those who are used to flying American Airlines will need to check Seat Guru before they book their next seats on a new flight. Seat Guru points out which seats have a morsel of extra room or any other positive or negative attributes. Flyers can even read other travelers’ opinions on a specific plane’s seating, which is worth a look when American Airlines unveils their new seats and spacing.