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Angry Cow Chases a Texas Deputy on a Dark Night

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Do you have a beef with drivers on the road? Beef as in cow, that is. What happens when an angry cow escapes his lonely confinement and hoofs it down a Texas country road on a dark night, only to encounter a Texas deputy?

Chaos and fun, at least that’s the story here in Texas. One night in April 2018, a Harris County deputy faced off with an angry cow, and there’s video evidence to prove it!

The cow was no criminal, merely a loose animal on the run from the law and everyone else for that matter. However, this cow darted about as if it were a member of Texas’ Most Wanted Criminals.

Andrew Ries, a Texas deputy in Harris Country, thought he’d come upon a normal, routine vehicle accident. He didn’t expect to find a wanted felon, and he didn’t expect to see a cow, either. In his investigation, he learned a car had hit a cow. The animal wasn’t hurt, but it was angry, and who better to vent the anger on than an officer of the law?

Angry cow

Photo: Pixabay.com

The bovine chased the officer around the patrol car as if they played the game “Here We Go Around the Mulberry Bush.” The cow soon tired of chasing after the running officer and headed toward waiting motorists. The onlookers managed to jump on top of their cars before the angry cow caught up to them. Seeing no more humans at close range to pursue, the cow ambled off into the Texas night.