Animal Control Called to Retrieve an Anaconda From a Toilet

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This week in Arlington County in Virginia, animal control was called out to an apartment complex where a resident was appalled to find a slithering snake in their bathroom. A sizable anaconda was hiding out in their toilet! Fortunately, animal control officer Brenys White was able to remove the unwanted guest safely before taking it to the city shelter.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington posted a photo of the cleaned up and cozy snake after it was brought in. They say it’s a juvenile yellow anaconda for which they needed to track down a snake specialist for care instructions. Luckily, the specialist decided to take the creature home. Even though this snake isn’t a desired find in one’s apartment, it is a beautiful snake that was once someone’s pet.

The post also points out that it’s rather fortunate that the snake was found at this age. “Fully grown, Yellow Anacondas can be up to 13ft long and weigh more than 100lbs. They need specialized care and housing, and while they are non-venomous, can be dangerous when they reach full size and are not well-socialized,” the Animal Welfare League wrote.