Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XIII to Draft Houston Shelter Dogs

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Those who aren’t too keen on sports eagerly await the occasion that perfectly complements the Super Bowl, Animal Planet’s “The Puppy Bowl.” This year, Puppy Bowl XIII will feature two Houstonian rescue dogs that will “compete” (that term is used loosely) in the low-stakes battle of Team Ruff versus Team Fluff. Basically, the pooches will play with a plush football and occasionally a couple of them might accidentally score a touchdown. But the sight is too cute to be missed!

ABC 13 writes that “Peekaboo and Duke are the puppies that will appear in the event. Duke is a Labrador retriever mix born on May 25,2016 and Peekaboo is a Chihuahua mix born on May 30,2016.” Both of the sweet dogs are available from the Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) shelter in Houston.

Animal Planet already has their starting line-up listed on their website along with photos and stats for each of the players including their name, breed and what shelter they live in. Shelters from around the United States have dogs participating which helps to bring attention to their cause and promote adopting adorable pets that need homes.

If you’re curious about previous Puppy Bowls, the Animal Planet website also has clips for you to enjoy, and don’t forget the Kitty Halftime!  This year’s event will play on Sunday, February 5 at 2 p.m.