This Animal Sanctuary is Home to 3 Very Unlikely Friends

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Lions, and tigers, and bears — oh, yes! Meet three very unlikely animal best friends and residents of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary: Leo the African lion, Baloo the American black bear, and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger. All three were rescued when they were just cubs in 2001 during a drug raid on an Atlanta home. The trio were found in the basement, locked in tiny cages and in poor condition.

Shere Khan was malnourished and had parasites, Leo had an infected wound on his nose, and Baloo had a harness that had grown into his skin because it was never loosened. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources transferred the fur babies to Noah’s Ark in Locust Grove, Georgia. The three animals were so bonded, that they’ve never spent a day apart since their rescue.

Facebook/Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

Facebook/Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary

The longest time that they’ve ever been separated was during Baloo’s initial surgery, and Shere Khan and Leo were quite vocal about their displeasure of it.

These three amazing animals, who would not co-exist peacefully in the wild, have bonded for life over their shared trauma. They now eat, sleep, and play together every single day. What a beautiful story!

Facebook/Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

Facebook/Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary

Check out this video featuring Baloo, Shere Khan, and Leo lounging around at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.

If you’re interested, you can volunteer or donate to Noah’s Ark and the trio lovingly and aptly referred to as “The BLT”.