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Child Asks for Donations to a Texas Animal Shelter for Her Birthday

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Children usually have a list of toys they want for their birthday. Yet, this year, nearly 6-year-old Haley is requesting donations for the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter.

Haley told KTRE, “I said I want cat and dog food and cat and dog toys. I wanted to give these presents here, because every animal that’s in here is special.” As an only child, she feels like she has everything she could want. She only wants to give gifts to her furry friends who have less.

The little girl visits the animal shelter every week where she has bonded with the lonely but lovely animals that line the shelter’s walls. The way she carefully holds a young cat while doing an interview with KTRE shows how mature and thoughtful her relationship with animals already is at such a young age.

Haley’s grandmother was a bit surprised to hear her ask for pet supplies instead of presents, but she hopes that Haley’s message inspires others to give to those who don’t have enough. “I just hope people see that if you have enough – you should give to others,” she told KTRE. She’s rightfully proud of the caring person her granddaughter is becoming.