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Big Savings Ahead: Annual Texas Sales Tax Holiday is Scheduled for August

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Parents throughout Texas have most likely had some time to start planning their lists for back-to-school shopping, but if you haven’t yet, there’s still time. The annual three-day Texas Sales Tax Holiday will take effect Friday, August 10 and end on Sunday, August 12.

Thousands of shoppers will be comparing prices and preparing to hit the stores for school supplies, new clothes, and shoes, the majority of which will be exempt from tax if they’re priced below $100. This can equal a savings of approximately $8 for each $100 that is spent. In addition, several retailers will be offering large sales discounts to entice shoppers through the door.

Annual Texas Sales Tax Holiday is Scheduled for August 10 -12

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The annual tax amnesty will be in effect for items purchased both online and in store, starting on Friday, August 10 and running through Sunday, August 12. In the Lone Star State, the back-to-school tax break is the largest of three similar events offered over the course of the year. The other exemptions are one for hurricane supplies in the month of April and several energy-efficient appliances in the month of May. This upcoming sales tax exemption is expected to save consumers tens of millions in both local and state taxes.

Annual Texas Sales Tax Holiday is Scheduled for August 10 -12

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Stores also take this time to boost lagging retail sales, having long promoted the Texas sales tax break as a shopping inducement. The Texas Retailers Association has also supported an expansion of the exemption, especially for the back-to-school period. For a complete list of those items which are eligible under the tax holiday, click here.