This Insider Look at Louie Mueller Barbecue Will Make Your Mouth Water

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When the original Louie Mueller Barbecue pit was created in 1946, it was simply an extension of the Louie Mueller Complete Food Store. The need for a barbecue pit out back came from limited refrigerator space, so to get rid of it, they thought they might as well sell it.

Word of mouth grew, and in 1949, Louie Mueller Barbecue was officially born. Its reputation as some of the best barbecue in the world is still accurate in 2016, some 70 years later. The host of FoodieHub took her cameras to Louie Mueller Barbecue to interview Wayne Mueller after they named Mueller as the tastiest BBQ joint in the world for 2015. Wayne is a third generation Mueller and still upholds his grandfather’s tradition of serving meat smoked low, slow, and with love.

The pit at Louie Mueller Barbecue is a decommissioned naval vessel picked up in 1946, as following World War II, steel was in short supply. The beef ribs, as Wayne says, are smoked for seven hours, and the brisket is gloriously smoked for 12 hours. Goodness, is your mouth watering yet? He also tells an interesting fact about sausages, which are also an integral part of barbecue culture. No waste, great taste, that’s what I always say.