Much Needed Good News: Applebee’s Offers $1 Margaritas

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We hate spam too, we'll never share your email address writes that in honor of Neighborhood Appreciation Month, Applebee’s locations throughout the U.S. are offering $1 margaritas (AKA “Dollaritas”). The company is hoping to remind people that the restaurant chain is more than just a restaurant. They offer a full bar with tasty adult drinks, as well. Applebees’s Vice President of Beverage Information, Patrick Kirk, told the press, “We focus on our food a lot, but ‘bar’ is in our name, and it is an integral part of what makes Applebee’s a great neighborhood destination.”

But not everyone is excited about the new Applebee’s offer. Many people on social media are posting that they can only imagine that the margaritas won’t have much alcohol in them, but what can someone really expect from a $1-drink? “Had one last night, they’re very weak and taste like juice. Had to add a shot of tequila that was $8!” Veronica Dionne wrote on Fox 11 Los Angeles’s Facebook page. “What crowd will this attract?” Frankie Frank fretted in the comments. But Jake Todd put it all into perspective by writing, “1 dollar what do you have to lose!”

Applebee’s has been known for offering great deals to its patrons, as well as being philanthropic corporate citizens. This past August, the company launched a limited-time “Buy 1, Provide 1” campaign whereby select Texas locations of the chain partnered with local food banks to provide funds for meals for those in need. This margarita campaign was also something that successfully ran in 2016, allowing patrons to come in for some downtime at a reasonable cost.

This year’s margarita offer will run at participating locations throughout the month.