The Appletini is the Adult Answer to Your Autumn Apple Obsession

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With fall fast coming up, the urge to celebrate with items that remind you of the season here in Texas is strong. That’s why the appletini is such a great fit for a fall-time trip down memory lane. As a child, you’ll recall going to county fairs, orchards, and fall festivals where apples were the highlight of the food and drink lines. Caramel apples, apple sauce, apple crisp, and the like all dot the memories of your youth with great smells and tastes. So, too, can the appletini. Apple schnapps and apple brandy make this an “adultier” way to celebrate the season and make new memories that may last well past your bedtime!

Shared on the Delish website, the appletini recipe is fairly straight-forward, for those who were concerned it would be hard to make. Nothing that’s fall-time oriented, relaxing, or fun should be difficult to get through, including getting to the bottom of your glass on this drink! Delish warns that the appletini is a strong concoction that you might want to be prepared for. If you’re serving it to friends or family members, make sure they’re staying in one spot, or they have designated drivers. Being made in under five minutes, and possible being consumed in even less (depending on your mood), the appletini is a high-class apple celebration of autumn in cocktail form.


The Appletini is the Adult Answer to Your Autumn Apple Obsession


Key ingredients for this cocktail include:


Apple Schnapps



Delish shares all the recipe details for this delicious appletini at the link available here. Not sure what Calvados is? Check it out here and you’ll know exactly why it’s being incorporated into this tasty fall cocktail that’s sure to become a classic. For an even better result and classier effect, chill your martini glasses and prepare green apple slices for the cocktail’s garnish. If you like the classic martini, you’ll adore the appletini as its autumn adult cousin… in fun form.