Aquaman: Power Wave, Scheduled For Six Flags Over Texas

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Coming to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington this year, Aquaman: Power Wave is designed as a launch-style coaster which will suspend its riders in a 90-degree angle just before sending them hurtling at 63 miles per hour over more than 700 feet of track!

Inspired by the DC Comics hero, the first water coaster to grace the grounds of Six Flags Over Texas is named for Aquaman, who was portrayed in movie form by Jason Momoa in 2018. The Aquaman: Power Wave ride opens this year, making it the 15th coaster for this park, and a ground-breaker for the world. The coaster will not only launch its riders forwards, but backwards as well, and straight up to a colossal height of 148 feet on its twin-track towers. Following the back and forth action, it will then send them on a plunge, straight down, for a final splash! An image gallery for the ride is available on the Six Flags Over Texas website at the link provided here, and they’ll be updating the gallery as construction progresses.

Video: YouTube/CoasterForce

Shared on the CoasterForce YouTube channel, the video above provides viewers a first glimpse of what the Aquaman: Power Wave ride is designed to be. The whole ride will be 70 seconds in length! Linear synchronous motors (LSMs) will launch the ride boats three times: first moving backward into a small arched hill, providing a bit of a thrill before stalling-out at the height of the first tower. Then forward, back over the rounded hill before the LSMs push the ride to the top of the second tower. The riders then fall backwards at more than 60 miles per hour. Next comes the splash-down. The secret to this ride is that the water is kept in two reservoirs. The main one has the ability to hold all of the water, as well as the splash zone. When the ride’s control system triggers for the final splash, sluice gates, or flood doors, open in this reservoir, which allow the water to fill the splash zone, thus raising the level to one that’s predetermined at a speed of six seconds! The ride plunges down into the pool of water, cooling the riders off in the Texas heat, and acting as a sort of natural stop. When the ride passes, the flood gates get closed and the water is pumped out of the splash zone, returning to the reservoir.