Use These 2-Hour Videos Filmed at Aquariums and Gardens to Take a Moment to Relax

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The BaLu – Relaxing Nature channel on YouTube specializes in videos that help viewers chill out, meditate, and even fall asleep. The combination of new age music and calming nature scenes can help bring your heart rate down on a stressful day or have you nodding off to sleep in no time at all when it’s time to slumber.

“The Best Relaxing Aquarium” video compiles a lopping 2 hours worth of scenes taken inside of an aquarium. You’ll see fish swim in and out of healthy coral, jellyfish bop up and down aimlessly, and well-fed sharks smoothly swim through schools of fish. It may not be as fun as visiting an actual aquarium, but listening to the relaxing music instead of groups of children yelling can be a little more forgiving on one’s nerves.

If fish don’t help you find your “happy place” try out these other 2-hour compilations of flowers blooming,  birds from around the world, or even scenes from a stunning Chinese lantern garden at night. Try the stunning aurora borealis video if you’re looking for more scenes with darker tones.

There are many compilations to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that helps even the most high-strung person to relax.